The Power of Underwear

Nope this isn't a post about what pretty panties you should buy or what's the hottest trend in lingerie. This really isn't about #FirstWorldProblems at all. 

Did you know that underwear, while a luxury item or at least an un-thought-of item for us, is a shockingly effective rape prevention item in Africa? As well it has the potential to decrease the drop out rate of girls in school substantially by acting as an essential feminine hygiene product. 

On April 23rd MUSE Collective Agency and Celebrity Models from the cast of Bachelor Canada is hosting an event here in Calgary that will shine some light understanding this largely unmentioned topic. 

And what's an event with out showcasing a little fashion for your entertainment too...

Special Guests include:

CityTV Host and Producer: Jill Belland as MC 

Fashion Show directed by Premiere Stylist: Leah Van Loonwww.leahvanloon.com 

Artists Within Makeup Academy 

Chantelle H- Bachelor Canada is an ambassador for Transformation Textiles, the charity that will be benefiting from this Fashion Event. 

Tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/muse-charity-fashion-event-tickets-10693306969?ref=estw


Sheer and Sexy Lionette

Jessica Armstrong's Lionette collection gives you materials with a sultry but elegant flow, colourful florals, and a touch of lace. All of which keeps your lady like look, and still delivers a bit of sex appeal.

Jessica's last collection of beautiful sheer reds and blues may have inspired you to jazz things up in the bedroom. However, this season Jessica has kept her sheer touch and layered her floral and animal prints so you can take that sultry flowing look to the streets.

All photos provided by YYC Fashion Week photographers PhotoArt4U & AYuenPhotos


Maark Abenir's Beautiful To Vain

I have been involved in the fashion industry here in Calgary for some time. There is some serious talent, like designers Paul Hardy and Haithem Elkadiki, that have made a name for themselves and stuck through our industry’s toughest times. If you can even call it an industry before 5 years ago. And I’ve always said that this city runs on word of mouth. And when social media made it possible for that word of mouth to spread even further, our industry started to make a name for itself.

Amongst those trying to make a name for themselves is young designer Maark Abenir. He may be young in the game, but a designer who knows how to put on a show. His dark and artistic vision to his work is what grabs my attention every time. What's fashion without pushing boundaries? I seriously appreciate a designer who knows how showcase what inspires them. If you can see their vision so clearly in their designs and their presentation, that is what makes a real designer in my mind.

Maark premiered his latest collection with us here in Calgary on March 8th, 2014 at YYC Fashion Week's Fashion Preview. Which I have a few images below to share with you, but before you browse the photos or wonder about the prosthetic makeup on the models faces, be drawn into the idea behind his work and visualize from the designer's eyes...

"My vision started with a girl who only sees beauty in her surroundings. Everything that surrounds her is magical. Until everything turned against her and slowly comes more evil. She transitioned from a lovely girl into an evil witch and manipulates things around her. A girl can be beautiful but when she becomes to vain, her soul becomes ugly and devastating." - Maark Abenir

All photos provided by YYC Fashion Week photographers PhotoArt4U & AYuen Photos

If you have the chance, I suggest you get a seat at his next showing, WCFW on April 2nd to see the video he had created to open and run with his show. It absolutely grabs you and inspires you.